NICE Shows the Benefits of AI-Driven Tech at Interactions Event

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LAS VEGAS -- Thanks to new artificial intelligence-infused products, NICE and its customers made great strides in providing improved CX for end customers in the past year, Barry Cooper, president of NICE's CX Division, said during his keynote address on Day 2 of the NICE Interactions 2024 conference.

"We've harnessed AI's transformative potential in the most comprehensive CX platform, providing organizations with everything they need to deliver extraordinary experiences," Cooper said, referring to his company's CXone cloud contact center suite. "AI embedded across CXone will be creating real business value for you, our customers."

Barry Cooper

That value has driven company growth, Cooper said. Since Interactions 2023, the company has added more than 1,000 customers and automated 300 million self-focused interactions and 900 million employee assistance interactions, according to Cooper, who said those numbers demonstrate the rapid adoption and immediate impact of the technology.

The numbers also reflect growth among all sorts of businesses, from small local businesses to global enterprises across every industry, with NICE transforming how organizations optimize and augment their customer employee experiences, Cooper said.

A centerpiece of that transformation has been NICE's Enlighten AI for CX product, which is now available to all users of CXone, Cooper added. "Enlighten delivers real-time augmentation for agents, supervisors, and CX leaders. This scalability enables progressive information to enrich all of your CX products."

NICE's techology also provides information to access more prompts, making it effortless to ask a question, whether someone is a CX leader, an analyst, or a quality manager, Cooper said.

But to produce optimal results, AI requires extensive fine-tuning and customization, Cooper added. NICE offers a vast array of pre-built, CX-specific AI models out of the box, enabling users to come up to speed quickly on using the product to provide better CX.

For users in heavily regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, NICE's technology also includes prompts to remind agents about required disclosures.

And its automated intelligence provides end customers with effortless, personalized experiences, even if the experience starts on one channel and goes to another. NICE technology ensures everything from the interaction is captured so nothing has to be repeated as the interaction changes from one channel to another.

The technology also dynamically manages each consumer state, ensuring that every interaction is tailored to the proper context, history, and preferences, Cooper said. "CXone goes beyond remembering past interactions. Its adaptive personalization engine uses AI to determine the next-best action for each consumer, matching their unique profile."

This enables companies to proactively anticipate customer needs, suggest relevant offers, provide timely reminders, or resolve issues before they escalate, Cooper said. "You can deliver personalized, context-aware experiences that demonstrate a deeper understanding of each consumer's journey."

"CX has never been more important," Cooper said. "It is no longer just part of the business; it is the business. It's the arena where brands win or lose, where loyalty is earned or lost."

NICE's own customer relationships are a big part of its success, according to Cooper.

"Together, we have achieved remarkable success in this arena, pioneering industry-first innovations that have redefined the CX landscape," he said. "We were the first to launch a cloud-native platform for CX; the first to converge [workforce engagement mangement, analytics, and digital; and the first to introduce AI purpose-built for CX. Through these industry-first innovations, we have set the standard for excellence and redefined what's possible in customer experience."

And NICE has taken a different approach than some other companies that claim they can do CX, CRMs, and ticketing systems or assure they can manage the sophistication of interactions. Add to that the startups touting silver-bullet solutions, according to Cooper.

"All of them are hailing generic AI as the new answer to every problem," he stated. "But when it comes to realizing your CX vision, you need more than promises. You need a partner who is already delivering; one who is already partnering with thousands of happy organizations. That partner is NICE."

One of those happy organizations is The Standard Insurance Co., a long-time NICE customer.

Sarah Ross, senior director of contact center operations, said NICE's Enlighten Autopilot solution had already provided significant benefits after going live with it earlier this year. The company has seen a customer satisfaction rate of 92 percent and other benefits.

"As we chart these ever-changing waters of digital transformation, a few key insights come to mind," Ross said. "First, you must set clear customer and business outcomes. Be explicit about why you're doing things and what outcomes you are hoping to achieve. Securing senior leadership is critical. You need perspective, which means you need a diverse team. You need individuals who have been in your company for a long time and have deep domain knowledge. And you also need outside perspective with partners like NICE that are going to help you see what's possible and what can be leveraged as you go about changing the way you deliver service."

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