• June 4, 2024

Convoso Launches CallCatalyst

Convoso, a provider of contact center software for sales teams, today at the Customer Contact Week conference in Las Vegas introduced CallCatalyst for dialing outbound calls.

"Convoso has built its platform and employed best practices to support compliance with the many federal and state regulations governing business and organization calls to consumers," said Nima Hakimi, Convoso's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "The launch of CallCatalyst represents a continuum of product development at Convoso to support our customers with compliance and greater efficiency. Our innovations have enabled our customers to grow and thrive over the years. It's really satisfying to see."

Convoso's human-initiated solution simultaneously offers efficient dialing as well as the expanded compliance benefits of manual dialing. Key features include the following:

  • Human-initiated calling, which sets the speed for human agents to initiate dialing leads but avoid over-dialing;
  • Lead calling optimization, which selects leads based on times and schedules optimized for peak compliance;
  • User management tools that streamline call initiation efficiency;
  • Monitoring and analytics tools to track and analyze agent performance; and
  • A new interface that simplifies call initiation.

"We've noticed that some of our customers are interested in more conservative approaches for their outbound campaigns, even though they may not be required to use manual dialing," said Daniel Foppen, vice president of product and product marketing at Convoso, in a statement. "That's why we're hearing such positive responses about CallCatalyst: because it allows them to embrace more cautious practices while significantly cutting agent wait time."

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