• May 31, 2024

Grammarly Rewrites Databricks’ Customer Experiences

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For Databricks, a data, analytics, and artificial intelligence company, trust and professionalism mean everything. So when a marketing operations manager intercepted a customer-facing email containing errors, Databricks knew it needed a better line of defense to prevent substandard communications.

Though the San Francisco-based company had grown steadily to more than 6,000 team members, its in-house editorial team was still small, making it hard to edit each of the 2,100 instances of marketing copy, corporate communication, and customer-facing messages generated each year.

“Our company has grown exponentially, and so has the volume of content,” recalls Neil Hamilton, head of editorial at Databricks.

Not surprisingly, then, the company sought a credible, cloud-based solution that would uplevel communication for all customer-facing teams. Finding a solution that would be easy to implement and would work across the apps where its teams were already working was critical. It found all that and more in Grammarly for Business.

Today, Databricks is increasing productivity and delivering exceptional customer experience to more than 10,000 organizations globally with Grammarly’s AI writing assistance. Databricks uses Grammarly for Business as an AI writing partner to produce higher-quality content and communications, maintain brand consistency and credibility, and reallocate time to more strategic work as it scales.

“Grammarly is always there helping us every day,” Hamilton says. “I used to spend 20 to 30 hours a week reviewing, rewriting, and coaching. Grammarly has cut that by at least half, taking a lot of the grunt work off our plates so we can focus on what you could call the ‘magic.’ That’s allowed my team to scale our work in a way we couldn’t possibly have without it.”

It’s not just editorial teams that are benefiting from Grammarly for Business. Grammarly’s in-line writing suggestions around clarity, accuracy, conciseness, and tone help team members across marketing, sales, support, IT, finance, engineering, and legal interact more effectively and reduce time spent on day-to-day content creation.

Across the company, Databricks teams saw significant productivity improvements, realizing a 1,994 percent return on investment, including an estimated $1.4 million saved annually, since implementation.

Included in that total are cuts to the marketing team’s editing cycle times for thousands of documents by 50 percent. Copywriters and editors spent 540 fewer hours on related tasks per year, time that can be reallocated to more impactful work.

Beyond marketing, Databricks’ support team is saving significant time and quickly meeting customer needs with Grammarly. It empowers the team of more than 100 technical support engineers, most of whom are non-native English speakers, to engage with customers more clearly, confidently, and with the right tone and empathy.

“Grammarly is priceless; it’s very difficult to imagine doing our work without it,” says Narsi Subramanian, vice president of support at Databricks. “Grammarly empowers our frontline support engineers to come across most polished across all platforms, and you just can’t put a dollar figure on what that does for our trust with customers.”

Since Grammarly, the support team has improved time to resolution by 25 percent and increased the average number of cases closed by up to 15 percent.

The support team also uses Grammarly in its hiring and onboarding process, which has resulted in a savings of more than $50,000 annually in soft skills training.

“Databricks is not only saving significant time and costs with Grammarly’s AI writing support but also creating a world-class experience for its customers, refocusing on work that matters most, and doing it all at scale. That’s the real value of AI, and we’re proud to help it come to life at such a renowned innovator like Databricks,” said Matt Rosenberg, Grammarly’s chief revenue officer and head of Grammarly for Business, in a statement.

The Payoff

Using Grammarly enabled Databricks to achieve the following results:

  • realize a 1,994 percent return on investment;
  • save $1.4 million in productivity annually;
  • reduce total time to create content by 50 percent; and
  • save 15 minutes of editing time per document, amounting to 540 fewer hours spent each year on content development.

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