• May 15, 2024

Hi Auto Launches Voice AI Marketer Toolkit

Hi Auto, a provider of voice artificial intelligence technology for quick-service restaurants with drive-thru opertions, has released the Voice AI Marketer Toolkit, a comprehensive set of tools for capitalizing on customer conversations to increase engagement and loyalty.

These marketing tools include menu optimization, A/B or multivariate testing, and customized natural voices. They allow restaurants to design and optimize customer conversations while highlighting brand value, promotions, events, special menu offerings, and more.

Key features of Hi Auto's Voice AI Marketer Toolkit include the following:

  • Dynamic upsell customization, for product suggestions considering multiple factors influencing customer experiences, such as time, location, weather, script, language, and voice.
  • Multivariate experimentation, to test a small control group of stores with similar performance by changing the conversation parameters, such as the number of upsells during a specific daypart. Based on the results, marketing teams can adjust the script to be deployed across all chains.
  • Natural and cloned voices.

"While the operational benefits of voice AI justify the system's adoption, there is so much more value to unlock for sales and marketing teams," said Roy Baharav, CEO of Hi Auto, in a statement. "That's why we are investing in the Voice AI Marketer Toolkit to provide organizations with the tools they need to realize the full potential of their drive-thru sales channel. Being the only company to date deploying drive-thru voice AI at scale allows us to identify the opportunities and develop the right capabilities for our customers to maximize their ROI."

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