• May 9, 2024

Clari Launches Forecast for Consumption and Revenue Execution

Clari, a revenue platform provider, has launched Clari Forecast for Consumption, part of its new Enterprise Suite, to enable revenue leaders to predict and manage all consumption revenue in one place, and Revenue Execution, which automates sales execution across the complete revenue lifecycle, providing prescriptive guidance and artificial intelligence-powered productivity to every rep and front-line manager.

With Clari Forecast for Consumption, account planning and quarterly projections are centralized into a comprehensive forecasting solution that spans the entire revenue process and all revenue models.

Clari's new Revenue Execution solution provides sales reps with full-funnel AI-driven execution tools, including top-of-funnel prospecting and engagement; opportunity management and account inspection; conversational intelligence and AI coaching; and buyer collaboration and mutual action plans. It is powered by RevAI, Clari's descriptive, predictive, and generative AI that provides actionable insights in every workflow, and RevDB, its source of revenue data.

In addition to Clari Forecast for Consumption, Clari's new Enterprise Suite also includes Consolidated Views in Clari Forecast, a new solution that consolidates revenue insights across multiple CRM instances; Forecast Config in Clari Studio, enabling teams to design, build, test, and deploy various forecast models; and new data sources in Clari Ingest, which pulls usage and spending data from third-party databases, including Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Databricks, into RevDB to visualize and grow real-time consumption-based revenue.

"Enterprises today are faced with increasingly complex business models, revenue stacks, sales cycles, data requirements, change management, and more. And all too often, this hard-to-manage complexity leads to revenue leak," said Rohit Shrivastava, chief product officer of Clari, in a statement. "That all changes today with the introduction of Clari Forecast for Consumption and Revenue Execution delivered through the unified Clari Revenue Platform. These new solutions give organizations the tools they need to make complex revenue models easy to understand and forecast, empower reps and front-line managers with prescriptive sales execution, and leverage AI to drive higher team attainment."

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