• May 8, 2024

CallRail Launches AI-Powered Multi-Conversation Insights

CallRail, a lead intelligence platform provider, has launched an artificial intelligence-driven, multi-conversation insight feature capable of analyzing up to 100 customer calls and surfacing trends, opportunities, and risks over time.

Through multi-conversation insights, businesses will now have visibility to the following information from specific sources over a past seven-day period:

  • Sentence summaries to give marketers an overview of the types of conversations a campaign is driving.
  • Average sentiments of calls in a campaign each week and trends driving positive or negative customer satisfaction.
  • Commonly asked questions that will drive SEO and keyword strategy, marketing messaging, and product offerings.

This new feature also allows for monitoring of reports so trends can be identified over time.

Multi-conversation insights are backed by CallRail's Conversation Intelligence suite, which has been upgraded with a new Speech AI model, Universal, from AssemblyAI. This model has been trained on 12.5 million hours of multilingual speech data (including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch).

"Multi-conversation insights is a game-changer for the industry," said Sean McCrohan, vice president of technology at CallRail, in a statement. "This new, super-human capability not only ensures our customers have the most comprehensive and accurate attribution data but also the most actionable AI-generated campaign insights from their conversations."

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