• May 7, 2024

Bloomreach Launches Omniconnect

Bloomreach, providers of an e-commerce personalization platform, today launched Omniconnect for companies to integrate third-party platform data, such as customer support ticket data or loyalty program member activities, directly into Bloomreach Engagement.

Omniconnect transforms incoming data from third-party platforms into the ideal format for Bloomreach Engagement via webhooks.

Omniconnect works with data from platforms such as the following:

  • Customer Service: Convert customer support ticket data into actionable insights, such as sentiment analysis, issue categorization, and customer feedback tracking.
  • Payments and Processing: Track customer purchase behavior, analyze transaction trends, or personalize marketing campaigns based on payment history.
  • Loyalty Programs: Transform member activities, reward redemptions, and membership updates into actionable insights. Nurture customer loyalty through personalized rewards, targeted promotions, and tailored communication based on loyalty program engagement.
  • Booking Systems: Convert booking confirmations, reservation modifications, and cancellations into actionable events. Tailor marketing messages, offer personalized recommendations, and manage customer interactions based on booking behavior.

"Our goal is to offer every marketer limitless ways to grow in our platform, and the launch of Omniconnect is empowering them to do just that," said Anirban Bardalaye, chief product officer of Bloomreach, in a statement. "By streamlining data integration processes, we're not only saving time and enhancing efficiency for our customers, we're helping them unlock new paths to personalization across e-commerce."

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