• May 3, 2024

Acxiom Partners with ActionIQ

Acxiom, a customer intelligence company, has partnered with ActionIQ, a customer data platforms provider, to help marketers aggregate, analyze, and activate customer data.

ActionIQ partnered with Acxiom to bring the following capabilities to its platform:

  • Customer insights: ActionIQ's CDP integrates with Acxiom's consumer data to enhance customer profiles with granular demographic, household, behavioral, and preference data for audience segmentation and ultra-personalized marketing strategies.
  • Cohesive identity resolution:Acxiom Real ID integrates into ActionIQ's CDP, offering a holistic customer view across channels and touchpoints to manage complex identities at scale.
  • Optimized platform performance: Acxiom's experts work with joint clients to customize and streamline the ActionIQ platform
  • Advanced predictive insights: With Acxiom's AI-driven analytics, ActionIQ's platform is primed with predictive insights that sharpen engagement and scale campaign efficiencies.
  • Data security and compliance with Acxiom's Privacy-by-Design framework paired with ActionIQ's security measures and composable architecture.

"Our collaboration with ActionIQ marks a significant milestone in customer data platform innovation," said David Skinner, head of strategic alliances at Acxiom, in a statement. "It enables us to expand on our mission to provide our clients with comprehensive, scalable solutions to deeply understand and connect with their customers and prospects in the digital age."

"Acxiom's rich legacy and actionable customer intelligence perfectly complements our adaptable, agile platform, setting a new benchmark for CDP technology," said Michael Trapani, head of product marketing at ActionIQ, in a statement. "Our enhanced, combined platform offers a foundational solution for effective data-driven strategies, driving tailored offerings, more effective engagements, and lasting loyalty."

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