• May 1, 2024

Qualtics Adds AI Capabilities to XM for Customer Experience, XM for Employee Experience, and XM for Strategy + Research

Qualtrics today on the first day of its Qualtrics X4 event in Salt Lake City unveiled dozens of artificial intelligence-powered innovations across its Qualtrics XM for Customer Experience, Qualtrics XM for Employee Experience, and Qualtrics XM for Strategy + Research product suites.

The new Qualtrics XM for Customer Experience solutions, powered by Qualtrics AI, help organizations understand the sentiment, satisfaction, effort, expectations, and preferences of every customer.

"Fueled by our $500 million commitment to AI innovation, Qualtrics is making it easier than ever for customer experience teams to rapidly and meaningfully deliver the superior, personal, and human experiences their customers are looking for," Brad Anderson, president of product, UX and engineering, at Qualtrics, said in a statement. "With these new purpose-built AI capabilities, Qualtrics is at the forefront of an exciting new age of experience management, giving organizations…the power to improve every experience in the moment, across every channel that matters."

The additions include the following:

  • Frontline Locations Assist, a purpose-built insights hub that analyzes every piece of customer feedback from surveys, within apps, from contact center interactions, online, and in reviews to equip frontline managers with actionable insights and recommended steps to improve customer experiences and drive business value, such as replying to customer reviews, checking in on open tickets, and rewarding employees.
  • New AI-powered review and ticket response suggestionsenable frontline teams to resolve issues with automatically generated, personalized, and appropriately tuned responses.
  • The expansion of Qualtrics Digital Experience Analytics with new heatmap, funnel analytics, and real-time frustration intercepting capabilities enable businesses to identify customers experiencing challenges online in real time and offer targeted support in the moment.
  • The expansion of Qualtrics Frontline Care with Customer Care Assist for aggregating insights and workflows across the customer care experience and creating personalized coaching plans based on each individual agent's strengths and weaknesses; and Qualtrics Automated Call Summaries enabling frontline teams to instantly generate support tickets, send personalized follow-up emails, and create knowledge based articles using real-time information about customer issues and historical, personalized customer data from Qualtrics Experience iD (XiD).

Product innovations in Qualtrics XM for Employee Experience use AI to identify employees at risk for attrition, summarize employee feedback into personalized recommended actions for managers, and recognize meaningful behavioral signals across the employee journey

"Thousands of organizations across the globe are improving their employee experience using Qualtrics, and the new AI capabilities announced today will enable companies to unlock even more value," Anderson said. "With Qualtrics AI it's easier and faster than ever for leaders and managers to identify and deliver the employee experience their teams need to do their best work, which will help lead to high-performing, highly engaged, productive, and loyal teams."

With XM for Employee Experience, the new capabilities include the following:

  • The ability to identify attrition drivers in the workforce, combines organizational attrition data with employee experience feedback to understand what is causing employees to leave their jobs.
  • Summaries of employee comments from open-text survey responses while protecting employee privacy and reducing the risk of bias from identifying commenters.
  • Deeper, actionable insights from EX results with Qualtrics Assist for insights and trends from team feedback, team sentiment, and actions to increase engagement and productivity.
  • Personalized action recommendations in response to employee feedback with team dynamics and context directly in the workflow.

"With the largest database in the world of human sentiment, Qualtrics has a unique and powerful place in the world of AI," said Gurdeep Singh Pall, Qualtrics' president of AI strategy, in a statement. "In a world where experiences matter, Qualtrics AI and experience management, starting with these innovations, is poised to play a critical role across industries and around the globe."

The XM for Strategy + Research investments include moderated user testing, which enables UX researchers to schedule and conduct live one-on-one, moderated interviews with respondents remotely through the Qualtrics platform. The live interviews are automatically recorded, translated and analyzed, and Qualtrics AI will summarize the most relevant feedback and themes. This all-in-one feature helps organizations capture nuanced insights about their digital experience from body language, facial expressions, and other subtle behaviors. With editing capabilities built right into the product, researchers can edit videos and build highlight reels.

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