• April 3, 2024

Intention.ly Launches Fractional Sales Development Representative Offering

Intention.ly, a financial services sales and marketing consultancy, has launched an outsourced sales development representative (SDR) service to help businesses accelerate their sales pipelines and drive revenue growth.

The SDR service provides an alternative to hiring and managing internal sales representatives. This model is based on a monthly retainer along with a small additional fee per prospect meeting booked. The service integrates lead generation  with Intention.ly's comprehensive offerings.

"We view the SDR offering as a natural extension of our efforts to innovate and design a bulletproof sales operations framework for clients and the broader industry," said Kyle Hiatt, a partner and head of sales consulting at Intention.ly, in a statement. "In our quest to minimize the communication gap between sales and marketing departments, the introduction of sales development representatives with comprehensive marketing acumen and access to key industry decision makers emerges as the ideal solution."

The SDR offering will comprise several key services, including the following:

  • Generating leads;
  • Crafting tailor-made sales playbooks;
  • Employing prospecting and qualification processes to identify viable opportunities;
  • Setting appointments with high-potential prospects; and
  • Managing and optimizing the sales pipeline to meet revenue targets.

SDRs conduct thorough research to identify decision-makers within target accounts, subsequently engaging with them to assess their needs and qualify them as prospects. They then use a multichannel approach, including email, social media and outbound calling, to generate qualified leads. Once confirmed, the Intention.ly team collaborates with the firm's sales organization to hand off qualified leads, providing ongoing support to nurture prospects through the sales pipeline.

"We are acutely aware that every business is different, and that’s why our SDRs take a customized approach to each client engagement," Hiatt added. "These representatives will leverage their industry knowledge and insight to create tailored outreach strategies, designed to generate high-quality leads and maximize conversion rates."

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