• March 27, 2024

Twilio Launches Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot

Twilio today launched Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot as parts of its Twilio Flex cloud-based digital engagement solution.

Unified Profiles provides access to a native data layer powered by Twilio Segment, enabling the collection and activation of real-time, consented data for personalized interactions. Agent Copilot leverages this data alongside artificial intelligence to empower employees with automation.

Unified Profiles is an open and extensible data layer, powered by Segment, that brings together customer data from various sources, including CRM systems, data warehouses, and real-time behavior tracking all into a central real-time profile. This equips sales and support teams with a 360-degree view of the customer, facilitating personalized interactions based on predictive, historical, and real-time insights. For Segment users, Unified Profiles becomes more powerful by providing real-time data from each interaction to fuel other Segment-based use cases.

Agent Copilot leverages large language models (LLMs) to automate some agent functions. By using the rich, real-time data from Unified Profiles, Agent Copilot assists in intelligent routing, providing agents with actionable insights for each customer interaction and automating post-call summaries.

"Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot within Twilio Flex showcase the power of merging Twilio's communication channels with Segment's customer profiles to transform customer interactions into personalized, data-informed experiences," said Meera Vaidyanathan, vice president of product at Twilio Flex, in a statement. "These new products fill the missing piece for businesses looking to leverage data and AI to deliver consistent customer value across different touchpoints. This capability has the potential to transform every customer interaction for brands and empower businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce handle time, and increase employee productivity."

"Businesses struggle to piece together a comprehensive view of the customer due to siloed data and complex system integrations, hindering their ability to leverage AI and deliver personalized customer experiences," said Mila D'Antonio, principal analyst at Omdia, in a statement. "Twilio's launch of Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot provides real-time data to agents, helping them better understand customer activities, preferences, and traits, streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions."

Additionally, Twilio is extending Flex's capabilities with Flex Mobile for sales and relationship managers and field agents. This iOS and Android app integrates with existing Flex setups. It allows for the management of calls, messages, and transfers directly from mobile devices, ensuring that all interactions are logged within the same system.

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