• February 6, 2024

Audyence Launches Real-Time Demand Platform for Lead Generation

Audyence has launched its Real-Time Demand (RTD) Platform, a programmatic platform allowing marketers to purchase based on acquisition, not impressions or clicks.

Leveraging machine learning, Audyence RTD analyzes more than 17.5 billion firmographic, behavioral, and technographic data points to help companies execute demand generation campaigns. It allows advertisers to use deterministic data to holistically plan, purchase, track, and optimize cost-per-lead campaigns across all their publisher partners.

"The global B2B lead-generation industry is already a $21-billion market, growing over 15 percent per year; but it's still too dependent on manually managing campaigns and a troubling lack of transparency," said Audyence Co-founder and CEO Karl Van Buren in a statement. "That's where Audyence RTD comes in. To buy leads before our solution, marketers had to work with five or six or more brokers, negotiate with each separately by email or phone call, and then manually manage those separate campaigns. We're automating that entire process from end to end for as many publishers as they want to work with through our marketplace, reducing agency labor costs by 20 times."

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