• February 5, 2024

ChannelMix Launches Pacing Dashboard

ChannelMix, providers of a marketing revenue generation platform, today launched Pacing Dashboard for media mix modeling, tracking campaigns, and managing budgets.

Pacing Dashboard provides a real-time, insightful view into campaign progress against planned targets and timelines, aligning with the recommendations and goals outlined by the Marketing Impact Modeling dashboard.

Highlighted below are the primary features and benefits of the Pacing Dashboard:

  • Real-time data integration with various marketing sources;
  • Predictive pacing algorithms that anticipate campaign performance and spending trends; and
  • AI-powered plan types categorized into low spend, mid-range spend, and high spend. The AI model identifies the most cost-effective metric per goal in each group, defining optimal plans for budget allocation.

"Our Pacing Dashboard is a game-changer for marketers, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology. It not only delivers real-time insights into campaign progress but also empowers users to make strategic adjustments for optimal campaign effectiveness. This tool ensures the judicious utilization of marketing budgets throughout the campaign duration," said Matt Hertig, CEO and co-founder of ChannelMix, in a statement. "We're confident that this product, equipped with AI technology, will provide exceptional value to marketers, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions."

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