• December 8, 2023

Sprinklr Launches Conversational AI+ in Sprinklr Service

Sprinklr has launched Conversational AI+ in Sprinklr Service as part of its Release 18.11 to enable businesses to deploy and scale generative artificial intelligence-powered bots for text and voice conversations.

Companies can now create bots by simply defining the bot persona, the functions to which it will have access, and the skills on which it is trained. The Sprinklr platform then creates and refines the bot using the following:

  • FAQ & Transaction Skill, which enables businesses to train their bots by entering their website/knowledge base URLs or uploading PDF documents.
  • Free form conversational flows, which provide a natural, contextual conversational experience to end customers.
  • Sprinklr Guardrails, which helps assure businesses that the responses generated are brand-compliant and maintain the brand's voice and values.

"Sprinklr is committed to helping our enterprise customers recognize 20-40% productivity improvements across the front office," said Sprinklr Founder and CEO Ragy Thomas in a statement. "Our 18.11 release includes AI-powered capabilities across every product suite, including tools empowering brands to create and deploy virtual assistants that truly understand and engage with customers. We believe that Sprinklr is the fastest and most effective way for customers and prospects to get AI into a global brand's front office."

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