• November 16, 2023

Influ2 Launches Influ2 V2

Influ2, an advertising technology provider, today launched Influ2 V2, the latest version designed to align B2B marketing and sales teams around crucial metrics, such as pipeline generation and revenue, and attribute the marketing influence.

Influ2 V2 includes the following core features:

  • cohort designer;
  • multi-stage buying journeys;
  • a sales priorities dashboard with contact-level intent;
  • revenue reporting, which connects marketing influence to sales results.

With a clearly defined ideal customer profile, the platform can target the same person for up to 10 years. Marketers can personalize ad experiences based on individual engagement as prospects move through the buying journey. Triggers can be based on metrics like number of impressions, clicks, sales outreach.

Influ2 V2's privacy-first technology facilitates collaboration between marketing, sales, and customer success. Marketers can prioritize prospects for sales based on the individual’s engagement with the advertising campaign. They can even provide guidance on which advertising messages resonated with each target buying group and key decision-makers. Sales can track contact-level intent through integrations with their CRM.

Influ2 V2's revenue reporting demonstrates the impact of marketing activities on revenue generation

"Influ2 is on a mission to make advertising work for B2B sales teams and prove that impact. You can't improve something you don't measure, so aligning sales and marketing teams on buyers' journeys and revenue-centric metrics is at the heart of Influ2 V2. We deeply care about B2B ads' efficiency. It has been incredibly impressive to witness the billion dollars of deals that our early adopters have been able to influence and we are only just getting started," said Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and co-founder of Influ2, in a statement.

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