• September 26, 2023

Pipedrive Updates Its Automations Feature

Pipedrive, a provider of sales CRM systems for small businesses, has updated its Automations feature to help users build and set up workflows with their teams.

Pipedrive's Automations is a feature to streamline and simplify sales workflows with automated tasks, ranging from lead management to sales procedures. The new features include the following:

  • Automation sharing, allowing salespeople to create and share automations with any user on their accounts.
  • Automation ownership transfer from one user to another with just a few clicks.

In addition, Pipedrive allows salespeople to set up automations that adapt sequences based on specific email conditions, such as recipient clicks or replies to messages. The list view allows salespeople to filter, search, sort, and categorize them with custom labels. Admin visibility provides users with full insight into workflows owned by other team members. The template homepage offers more guides for a wider range of use cases, and the improved template-building wizard helps plan sequences with delays.

"Automation plays a pivotal role in sales by offering a substantial boost in efficiency, consistency, and overall productivity. Sales professionals, armed with intuitive and intelligent automation tools, become catalysts for transformative change within their organizations, elevating productivity, nurturing creativity, and accelerating business expansion. We're excited to continue refining our powerful automation features, enabling our users to build trust with their customers as they systematically guide them through the sales journey," said Pipedrive's chief product officer, Shaun Shirazian, in a statement.

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