• September 19, 2023

Intuitive Data Analytics Adds to its IDA Business Intelligence platform

Intuitive Data Analytics has added business intelligence features to its no-code BI platform. These include Correlation Analytics and Sensitivity Simulation (CAS) and Anomalies Detection & Prescriptive Analytics (ADPA).

Correlation Analysis & Sensitivity Simulation empowers users to determine relationships between target results to all factors and properties. Users can interact with the data and adjust factors with a touch of the screen to see the impact on the targeted result. This enables users to run any number of scenarios and see how interdependencies affect outputs.

Anomalies Detection & Prescriptive Analytics discovers anomalies and uncovers deeper insights into potential root causes. ADPA auto-performs multidimensional and multi-level deep root cause analysis to deliver prescriptive reporting in a collaborative workspace. It also offers advanced preventive foresight to developing trends and patterns, enabling users to see what's developing and how it impacts operations.

And with No-Code, Instant Dashboard Generation, users can create personalized dashboards and do deep data dives without programming knowledge. Natural language processing allows users to interact using voice or swiping the screen.

"IDA's no-code, ultra-quick, instant dashboard generation capabilities allow corporations to speed up and deepen their business intelligence in real time," said Rafael Cortes, head of global sales at Intuitive Data Analytics, in a statement. "This lets them find the a-ha moment using a stronger collaborative process into data management, forecasting, and decision-making."

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