• September 12, 2023

Affectiva Announces Emotion AI Attention Metric with Smart Eye’s Eye Tracking

Affectiva, a Smart Eye company, has added an attention metric in its cloud-based Emotion AI offering bolstered by Smart Eye's advanced automotive safety-grade eye tracking technology, to provide viewer attention measurement that analyzes gaze and head position.

Affectiva's Emotion AI technology helps companies gauge emotional reactions and predict engagement with their advertising and shows. By analyzing viewers' facial expressions, Affectiva's technology uncovers whether individuals respond as intended to the content.

Together, Smart Eye and Affectiva leverage their large and diverse datasets, including 10,000 hours of automotive data and 14.5 million face videos from 90 countries, to build their algorithms. The next iteration of this Emotion AI technology, featuring the upgraded attention metric, combines the Affectiva facial expression technology with Smart Eye's eye tracking. This metric adapts to various cameras and devices, enabling clients to measure low attention signals like gazing away, speaking, and drowsiness. Moreover, it detects facial occlusion and visibility.

"We're thrilled to announce this groundbreaking attention metric, driven by sophisticated eye tracking that unveils new dimensions of gaze and head position analysis," said Graham Page, global managing director of Affectiva media analytics at Smart Eye, in a statement. "By merging Smart Eye's eye tracking prowess with our Emotion AI, we offer a remarkably precise and holistic viewer attention measurement that goes beyond traditional metrics. This innovative approach not only provides insights into where viewers are looking but also delves into why they are looking there, capturing the full spectrum of viewer engagement, including emotional responses and cognitive processing. This comprehensive understanding of viewer attention enables advertisers and content creators to make more informed decisions and refine their strategies for maximum impact."

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