• September 8, 2023

LiveRamp Partners with Epsilon

LiveRamp has partnered with global advertising and marketing technology company Epsilon to enhance user privacy while enabling publishers to boost revenue, and advertisers to leverage addressable inventory.

LiveRamp's Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) enables publishers to connect first-party user data with LiveRamp's consistent identity framework without third-party cookies or mobile identifiers, enabling marketing to real people across Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers on LiveRamp’s pseudonymous identifier, RampID.

Epsilon's PubLink is powered by its identity solution, CORE ID, and uses publishers' hashed authentication data to create a privacy-safe identifier that represents a site visitor and can be used downstream by advertisers for messaging specific consumers. Now, ATS publishers can enable PubLink within ATS and transact on Epsilon's CORE ID interoperably with RampID to make their authenticated inventory available to additional advertisers and demand-side platforms. Companies using LiveRamp can continue activating on Epsilon Digital using RampID to access authenticated inventory programmatically.

Enabling PubLink within ATS lets publishers recognize more authenticated consumers without cookies. Leveraging PubLink and RampID within ATS allows publishers to connect to advertiser demand from Epsilon Digital.

"We believe in solutions that benefit everyone across the open web, with privacy being of utmost importance. Our collaboration propels the industry forward, and our work with LiveRamp will offer immediate benefits to publishers, advertisers, and site visitors alike," said Chad Peplinski, chief media officer of Epsilon, in a statement. "By prioritizing privacy at every step, our partnership allows publishers to access our industry-leading solutions and realize their monetization advantages without requiring any additional technological or financial investment, ensuring that user data is secure and protected."

"Facing a complex macroeconomic climate and big-picture shifts like signal deprecation, publishers must be dynamic and prioritize sustainable, forward-looking strategies. Publishers can leverage authenticated identity to better monetize their inventory, and LiveRamp's partnership with Epsilon connects their authenticated inventory with even more advertiser demand," Travis Clinger, senior vice president of activations and addressability at LiveRamp, said in a statement.

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