Five Top Innovating CRM Companies for 2023: The CRM Conversation Starters

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Since every conversation about sales, marketing, and customer service seems to begin and end with generative artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise that the company behind ChatGPT would land a spot on our list of Conversation Starters. OpenAI’s impact on both the consumer and business worlds has been seismic, but it’s not the only company causing reverberations. Other firms earning Conversation Starter status, given to the vendors that generated the most activity and earned the most buzz in the past year, include Meta, whose launch of the Threads app is set to shake up the advertising and e-commerce worlds; and UserTesting, whose Human Insight Platform is doing much the same for customer feedback. Read on for more about these and other headline-grabbing achievements. —the Editors

ChurnZero was founded in 2015 to help subscription businesses succeed at scale, spot potential churn risks early, and identify renewal and expansion opportunities. Its products included, among other things, solutions for account alerts, account management, communication management, customer engagement, and life cycle management, but the company operated in quiet obscurity for most of its early years. But in 2023 it exploded on the scene, starting in January with its release of Customer Success AI, a platform using generative artificial intelligence from OpenAI to create customer engagements, content, and strategy ideas in minutes with just a sentence or two of instructions. Read more here.

DoubleVerify has become the leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics, thanks in large part to recent partnerships with the pre-eminent social media platforms and streaming service providers in the past year or so.The New York-based company, which was founded in 2008, has as its stated mission “to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer, and more secure, thereby preserving the fair value exchange between buyers and sellers of digital media.” It’s a lofty goal, but it’s one that seems to be resonating. Read more here.

When Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, decided earlier this year to end Live Shopping on Instagram, many called it a massive blow to social media marketing. Facebook had already stopped allowing live shopping links in posts on its site in August 2022, and Instagram had previously ended its in-app shopping tab. Then Meta in July launched Threads, a social media platform that closely mirrors Twitter, which has been rebranded as X. Though still very new—and the subject of a lawsuit from Twitter/X owner Elon Musk, Threads is already generating a lot of excitement. According to Meta, the app garnered 30 million downloads in just its first day. Read more here.

When it comes to new technologies, few have had as much of an impact as generative artificial intelligence, ushered in by OpenAI in December with its ChatGPT launch. “I have never seen a technology with so much potential to upend everything we do from a business standpoint for the better,” says Daniel Rodriguez, chief marketing officer of Simplr, a customer experience outsourcing solutions provider. “The world changed with the launch of ChatGPT, and the opportunity for enterprises can’t be overstated,” Ada’s cofounder and CEO, Mike Murchison, said shortly after the ChatGPT launch. Rodriguez and Murchison are not alone in that belief. Read more here.

When it comes to collecting user feedback, one company not only aces the test every time, it probably designed the test too. That company is UserTesting, which is fundamentally changing the way digital products and experiences are built and delivered by helping the companies that make them get insights directly from their customers via its proprietary and partner-sourced audience networks around the world. The centerpiece of the San Francisco-based company’s product portfolio is its Human Insights Platform, a video-first platform that enables companies to see and hear the experiences of real people as they engage with their products, designs, apps, processes, concepts, or brands. Read more here.

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