• July 25, 2023

DataGrail Introduces Managed Services Offering for Data Privacy

DataGrail today launched a managed services offering that offloads day-to-day data privacy management, including data subject request (DSR) fulfillment and data mapping processess.

With its Risk Intelligence, DataGrail can manage data privacy programs for customers. Its data mapping capabilities are enhanced by more than 2,000 integrations and DSR automation functionality that spans across internal data systems, such as custom databases, data warehouses, unstructured data stores, and internal apps.

"Data privacy has never been more top of mind. Consumers expect control over their data, and companies have a responsibility to respond to their requests promptly and comprehensively. Doing so enables them to maintain brand trust and loyalty," said DataGrail CEO and Co-founder Daniel Barber in a statement. "But privacy management has become a big enough issue that businesses need help. With DataGrail Managed Services, companies easily address the rapid changes in the data privacy landscape so that companies can be confident their DSRs are processed thoroughly and correctly so that their customers' rights are protected."

With DataGrail Managed Services, DataGrail technical privacy experts surface complex and sensitive issues for companies' privacy and legal leadership teams to review and sign off on with a defined escalation path.

For customers using DataGrail's Request Manager product, Managed Services gives them access to a dedicated privacy manager for the following:

  • Timely DSR processing in accordance with required timelines;
  • Coordination of internal stakeholders involved in the DSR lifecycle;
  • Fully documented end-to-end processes;
  • Delivery of necessary assets to train and enable DSR processing at scale; and
  • Ongoing process improvements and updates as new tools and stakeholders onboard.

For those taking advantage of DataGrail's Data Mapping capabilities, Managed Services adds the following:

  • Internal stakeholder engagement and coordination for data mapping exercises;
  • Risk assessment creation and distribution for new or updated systems;
  • Approvals tracking and action item review for records of process activities document;
  • Annual or bi-annual project planning and templatization of process; and
  • Reusable communications assets for stakeholder updates on data mapping initiatives and resource planning.

"DataGrail Managed Services has been a game-changer for us," said Sean Kellogg, privacy legal counsel at Dexcom, in a statement. "We went from two employees working 20-plus hours a week on requests to one employee working less than five hours a week. Not only that, but our overall efficiency in responding has increased and all of our metrics are on the rise. I would highly recommend DataGrail Managed Services."

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