• May 24, 2023

LinkedIn Launches Quarterly Sales Navigator Updates

LinkedIn has added five product updates to Sales Navigator in its latest quarterly update. The updates include a new Account Hub, search capabilities, intent signals, and an auto-save functionality.

Account Hub is the next evolution of LinkedIn's Buyer-Intent Dashboard. Once users upload their books of business into Sales Navigator, it will prioritize them based on growth potential, buyer intent, or risk alerts. Additionally, Account Hub provides insights and tools to network or follow up with the exact people showing interest within those accounts. Users can also keep updated on economic changes happening at target accounts, plan the accounts on which to focus based on intent data, and leverage filters like growth alerts or high and moderate buyer intent.

The Product Category Intent aims to show users which LinkedIn members are researching their product categories. With this latest update, Product Category Intent for 770 product categories across various industries, predominantly software, will be brought into Account Hub.

Improvements to Sales Navigator's Search functionality include the following:

  • Buyer Intent, allowing users to filter down to potential buyers at accounts where someone has expressed high or moderate interest in the past 30 days.
  • The ability to include or exclude leads who they've recently messaged on LinkedIn or viewed.
  • Current job title and past job title search.
  • Connections for accounts where first-degree connections work.

This latest update also includes improvements to Sales Navigator's Buyer Intent functionality with more Buyer Activities to give sellers more signals that someone is interested in their products. New activities that will be visible in the Buyer Activity section on Account Pages and in the new Account Hub include website visitors and new connections to colleagues.

And finally, Sales Navigator is making it easier for users to keep their CRM systems up to date with CRM auto-save accounts list. Users can add accounts to their My CRM Accounts list on Sales Navigator.

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