• May 17, 2023

ENACOMM Unveils Emerie, an IVA for the Financial Industry

ENACOMM, a provider of intelligent self-service, big data, and fraud prevention solutions for the financial services industry, today introduced Emerie, an intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) for banking.

With Emerie, banks, credit unions, and other financial services firms can brand and customize the customer experience. Emerie can integrate with any contact center solution and be used across multiple interaction channels, including web chat, mobile web, phone, and SMS.

ENACOMM captures behavioral, transaction and preference data to deliver personalized experiences, and Emerie uses that data to solve everyday problems. Emerie answers users' basic questions and routes them to the right place.

The Emerie Virtual Receptionist offers a customized chat window on company websites, a customized voice to answer customer/member calls, can customized responses adapted to each channel. It understands more than 50 topics and multiple language.

The Emerie Virtual Teller authenticates callers, retrieves account balances, lists and searches transactions, makes payments, transfers funds, manages cards, and helps with upsell and cross-sell by recommending products and services.

"We are nothing short of thrilled to bring Emerie to life," said ENACOMM CEO Michael Boukadakis, in a statement. "Emerie is ready to change the self-service game for banks, credit unions, and FinTechs, both large and small.

"This is big. Emerie is the IVA that the financial services industry has been waiting for, and ENACOMM is eager to usher in the future," he said.

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