• May 16, 2023

Aviso Launches MIKI, a Generative AI Assistant

Aviso has launched MIKI, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant for revenue and go-to-market teams.

MIKI, which stands for machine intelligent knowledge interface, is a purpose-built, assistive front end that sits on top of the Aviso platform. MIKI makes accessing, updating and acting on insights from CRM, cloud databases, enterprise resource planning, email, recorded meetings, and other datasets faster, more conversational, and actionable. Fueled by Aviso's Time-Series database, MIKI helps companies conduct AI-driven analysis, recommendations, automation, content generation, and execution assistance for go-to-market activities.

MIKI automates next-best actions synchronized to the individual's calendar to increase the timing and likelihood of the rep taking action. Notifications surface insights into buyer emotion and propensity to buy now vs. later based on each interaction the contact has with the company. MIKI can then generate content personalized for key executives at target accounts based on automated prompts, like earnings call summaries and analysis, notifications on key customer events, executive departures, or champion moves or changes.

Aviso's encrypted, highly secure frameworks are designed to handle structured and unstructured data, allowing customers to run different scenarios and prompts based on more than 1,000 signals. These frameworks can be further personalized based on buyer seniority, emotions identified during calls, or aspects driving sentiment to generate messaging for buyers.

"We believe generative AI functionality can deliver immediate results and change how they work long term but only when the underlying core models are robust and accurate in highly secure private environments. This grants our customers the ability to safely observe, explore, detect patterns from proprietary data sets, and act on them across industries in real time," said Trevor Rodrigues Templar, CEO of Aviso AI, in a statement. "We're confident this helps our customers like Honeywell, New Relic, Mural, Armis, and DataStax turn generative AI from a nice-to-have into the preferred interface and workflow for faster action."

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