• March 23, 2023

Cohora Launches with a Brand-Owned Customer Network Solution

Cohora has opened its Brand Customer Network and engagement platform for businesses.

Leveraging user-generated content, Cohora optimizes customer engagement and behavior and gives companies the means to offer customer-to-customer and brand-to-customer conversations to promote their brands and products and allow customers to play a unique role in social commerce, product investments, organic user growth, and long-term loyalty.

"My partners and I could not be more excited to open the doors of Cohora, a place where customers engage with the brand as well as other like-minded customers in an environment the brand owns and controls," said Manu Mathew, co-founder and CEO of Cohora, in a statement. "Brands are gaining real-time dialogue with their customers as they interact with platform features, all of which are designed to foster brand advocacy. There is no longer a need to rely on third-party data and outdated CRM tools. Cohora makes the solution clear."

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