• March 16, 2023

Infobip Launches Call Link for Live Video Support

Coud communications platform provider Infobip has launched live video support to help businesses resolve customer queries. Call Link lets agents escalate customer queries to live one-to-one video and audio calls when text chat isn't cutting it.

With a simple web link, customer service agents or technical support engineers can instantly escalate advanced customer queries from type-based chat to a live video or audio call. Call Link even generates the video-based URL, which agents can over any channel, including WhatsApp, SMS or email, across desktop or mobile.

"For businesses looking to improve the customer experience, Call Link enables agents to troubleshoot and resolve queries quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times and costs while boosting satisfaction. From our customers already using the feature, we know that such communication helps them address more queries in a shorter time, enhancing productivity and providing a more convenient experience for end users," Adrian Benic, chief product officer at Infobip, said in a statement. "Call Link enables businesses to offer live one-to-one video and audio support without having to spend time or expense on developing their own solution in their tech stack. For businesses with high customer contact, it helps accelerate their ability to escalate queries to video and solve customer issues more quickly. Call Link demonstrates how Infobip is committed to being the full-stack omnichannel communications platform for every platform."

Call Link is a feature available to customer-centric organizations. It works across any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and is compatible with main browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. End-users'; calls can be configured to reach any customer application that has implemented Infobip's Web Real-Time Communication Software Development Kit, to Infobip Conversations, or any phone number.

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