• March 14, 2023

6sense Unveils Revenue AI for Sales

6sense today launched 6sense Revenue AI for Sales, enabling sellers to prioritize in-market accounts and access complete buyer intelligence and contact data within the tools they already use daily.

"Information overload is killing sellers' productivity. In today's rapidly changing business landscape, we need to give sellers the tools they need to reach new heights. This means giving sellers sales technology that helps them spend more time selling and less time on unproductive activities," said Jason Zintak, 6sense's CEO, in a statement. "We've already transformed marketing teams by revealing and targeting accounts and engaging anonymous buyers. Now we're giving sales teams a massive upgrade from their legacy database vendors. This puts 6sense in a new category where we can innovate and lead, just like we have with others, like predictive analytics and [account-based marketing]. Early momentum from customers making the move to a better selling experience demonstrates the potential for impact.

6sense Revenue AI for Sales simplifies sales intelligence by providing the following

  • Visibility into the ‌anonymous research conducted by buying teams;
  • Data on accounts and buying teams; and
  • Prospecting workflows .

"Challenges exist on multiple fronts today as sellers have to navigate through a constant barrage of information and noise, plummeting productivity and increasing frustration. With our AI-driven solution, sales teams will be able to focus on what they do best—building relationships and closing deals—while our technology takes care of the rest," said Viral Bajaria, 6sense's co-founder and chief technology officer, in a statement. "6sense Revenue AI for Sales uses the power of AI, big data, and intelligence to give sellers confidence in their ability to close more deals and be the trusted advisor their customers want and need."

Within 6sense Revenue AI for Sales, selling teams have direct access to these key product features:

  • Recommended Actions for account engagement;
  • Persona Map of account buying teams to help createf multithreading plans, complete with contact details, activities, talking points, and unknown buying team members;
  • People & Company pages, with deep dive views of company hierarchy, job insights, technographic and psychographic data, and more, and the ability to push contacts and accounts to CRM, SEP actions, or engage contact via email, call, or LinkedIn;
  • Chrome Extension, providing sellers with contact data and quick insights and uncovering potential buyers while conducting daily online research.
  • Prioritization Dashboards to inform sellers on in-market accounts and buyers and acquire contacts; and
  • Alerts in Slack or email that keep users up to date on important account activity, recommended actions, new buyer intent signals, and more.

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