• March 9, 2023

Qualtrics Partners with Five9, Twilio, and Merkle

Qualtrics today at day two of its X4 customer event in Salt Lake City introduced partnerships with Twilio, Five9, and Merkle.

Qualtrics'; expanding partnership with Twilio, a customer engagement platform provider, led to a no-code connector that allows real-time data sharing between the Twilio Segment customer data platform and Qualtrics' Experience iD (XiD). It offers a combined view of operational engagement data, like content engagement, purchases, user logins, and cart abandonments, in Twilio Segment with qualitative data, like customer satisfaction and effort scores, in XiD.

"Twilio has world-class capabilities to capture interaction data and put it to use," said Brad Anderson, president of products and engineering at Qualtrics. "Our partnership combines the behavioral signals captured by Twilio Segment with Qualtrics XiD, providing customers with an understanding of the key factors impacting their customers’ experience by analyzing both structured feedback and unstructured feedback using Qualtrics conversational analytics."

"One of the biggest obstacles businesses face in meeting customer expectations is siloed data. If you don't have the full picture of your customer, how can you create a personalized experience for them?" said Kathryn Murphy, vice president of product management at Twilio. "Our partnership with Qualtrics unifies and democratizes the customer data needed to deliver personalization in real time, and at scale."

The Five9 partnership integrates its contact center as a service with Qualtrics solutions to allow customer service teams to more deeply understand how their customers feel about a service experience, uncover agent coaching opportunities and quality assurance issues, and respond more efficiently when a customer relationship is at risk.

Building on the integration between Five9 and Qualtrics XM Discover, Qualtrics CustomerXM customers using the Five9 platform can now automatically deploy dynamic post-interaction surveys tailored to customer channel preferences. Service agents are alerted immediately following a negative interaction and can follow up directly through voice, chat, or email using Qualtrics Ticketing.

"Contact centers are among the most critical pieces in delivering a high-quality customer experience, but they face many challenges due to lack of funding and high agent turnover rates," said Fabrice Martin, chief product officer of Qualtrics XM for Customer Frontlines. "These integrations bring two industry leaders together and will help contact center teams improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, increase customer loyalty, and minimize risk and compliance issues."

"Personalizing customer experience is crucial with today's consumers when it comes to brand loyalty. By combining Qualtrics' cutting-edge natural language understanding and dynamic survey capabilities with our cloud contact center management capabilities leveraging Five9 Event Subscription Services, contact centers can leverage the data from the surveys to improve the customer experience," said Scott Black, regional vice president of business development at Five9. "Together we will help contact center teams gather higher-quality feedback and quickly and easily uncover process improvement opportunities, allowing businesses to deliver better customer service experiences."

The partnership with Merkle, a customer experience management company, led to the integration of Merkury, Merkle's identity resolution platform, with Qualtrics' solutions, such as Experience iD. Merkury's advanced identity resolution capabilities combined with the Qualtrics XM/OS will enable companies to identify anonymous customers across mobile, social, web, and other channels; enrich each customer profile with thousands of behavioral, financial, demographic, and other attributes; and connect those IDs to platforms for targeting and analysis.

When companies combine Merkle's person-based ID and experience data from the Qualtrics Experience iD with their own operational data, including average spend, time spent on page, and purchase history, they can tap into solutions like Qualtrics' new Customer Journey Optimizer to drive targeted actions.

"Merkury's suite of advanced identity resolution and enablement capabilities are essential in a world where consumer privacy is paramount and customer profiles are based on first-party data," Martin said. "Our partnership will break down data silos across channels and provide the insights that brands need to deliver elevated experiences."

"We are excited to deepen our partnership with Qualtrics to further enable brands to activate insights, through the power of Merkury and Experience iD," said Shirli Zelcer, global analytics and technology lead at Merkle. "Using identity and experience data in real time, we'll be able to deliver seamless experiences across every interaction a consumer has with a brand. That is an inspiring combination."

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