• March 9, 2023

Treegoat Media Launches Marbyl for Podcast Searching

Tree Goat Media has launched Marbyl for search and discovery of podcasts and interesting moments within them.

"Podcasting has picked up a lot of steam over the last decade, but the tools provided through today's popular listening platforms have failed to evolve, leaving most podcasters struggling to be found. We created Marbyl to help level the playing field for podcasts and make it possible for everybody to thrive by building an intelligent search technology that surfaces quality content regardless of a show's current popularity or reach. This, in turn, helps listeners discover podcast content that truly fits their interests based on keywords, topics, and context," said Sherry Mills, co-founder and chief visionary officer of Tree Goat, in a statement. "Beyond being discoverable in our network-agnostic search and discovery engine, podcasters on Marbyl are given their post-production time back through invaluable AI-powered tools that bolster content strategy, improve quality of content, and streamline marketing to listeners."

Marbyl analyzes podcast content around topics and areas of interest, providing a deep learning analysis of every episode while unlocking the content for search.

Podcasters who sign up with Marbyl can have their entire podcast libraries transcribed. Full podcasts and segments of podcasts can be found by keywords used within each episode. Marbyl AI automatically creates Marbyls (key moments) from the five most interesting segments inside every episode. It then makes those Marbyls discoverable, searchable, and shareable.

Podcasters can also manually create Marbyls in their podcast episodes. These Marbyls are presented to listeners as they search for topics in the Marbyl app. Marbyl hooks listeners by serving them short podcast moments focused on what they want to hear and draws them deeper into the surrounding context or podcast creator. Listeners can even create their own Marbyls and share them with friends via all popular social media platforms, email, and text.

"Our vision for Marbyl was to create an ecosystem that could truly help podcasters transform their art into sustaining businesses," said Michael Kakoyiannis, co-founder and CEO of Tree Goat, in a statement. "Accomplishing this required developing new technology that could realize a democratization of the system and bring audience growth and incremental revenue opportunities to shows on the long tail in equal measure to today's top shows."

Marbyl also provides podcasters with data about the performance of their content and tools to market episodes to listeners. The Marbyl platform also enables podcasters to manage release scheduling, activate/deactivate Marbyls, schedule social media posts that share Marbyls, and even send producer messages to their subscribers with push notifications via the Marbyl mobile app.

Marbyl provides podcasters engagement metrics, including subscription conversion data, shares, listen-through rates, content popularity, and user-generated Marbyls, indicating the content liked most by listeners.

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