• February 28, 2023

Ad Insertion Platform Partners with Tiledmedia

Ad Insertion Platform and Tiledmedia are partnering to give broadcasters, rightsholders, and content owners an automated way to deliver non-intrusive overlay ads into the video content of video-on-demand and free ad-supported streaming TV.

The combined technology displays when ad markers are detected, which ads should be selected for the segments of the video stream while the users are contextually targeted to increase engagement. Users can keep watching their content while a suitable ad appears in a corner of the screen or on a configurable customer location thanks to Tiledmedia's Multiview technology.

The insertion workflow is automated via the Ad Insertion Platform's SSAI technology, both for on-demand and live video.

"Personalized Multiview Advertising is a game-changer in the video streaming industry," said Frits Klok, CEO of Tiledmedia, in a statement. "Our partnership with AIP has resulted in an innovative solution that combines the power of Tiledmedia's Multiview streaming with AIP personalized advertising expertise. This advanced advertising solution provides a new revenue stream for service providers while offering a more engaging and interactive experience to customers."

"Automated non-interruptive advertising creates a great complementary option for brands to connect with audiences nowadays with a high level of viewer acceptance. Without interrupting the viewer experience, an advertiser can contextually target its audience in an innovative and non-intrusive way," said Laurent Potesta, CEO of Ad Insertion Platform, in a statement.

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