• January 18, 2023

Glassbox Integrates ChatGPT

Glassbox, a provider of digital experience analytics for web and mobile applications, is integrating ChatGPT into its platform, making customer data and insights more accessible.

Users will be able to ask business-related questions in their native language and in seconds receive the specific data and insights they requested, putting the power of Glassbox customer insights at the fingertips of all users, not just those trained in data analytics.

"In a world where data is king and understanding your customers' digital experience is paramount, the integration of ChatGPT into Glassbox will allow everyone in a business, regardless of their level of data fluency, to get specific and relevant data in seconds," said Glassbox Chief Technology Officer Yaron Gueta in a statement. "ChatGPT and bots are an amazing technology that continues to improve, but we believe that the human voice is necessary to complete the picture. Combining Glassbox and ChatGPT achieves the right balance to provide easy access to data as well as detailed insights that our customers rely on."

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