• October 19, 2022

Qualtrics Launches CrossXM

Qualtrics today launched CrossXM to provide company leaders automated insights into how their employee, customer, and brand experiences impact one another, helping them identify actions they can take to drive the biggest impact across their businesses.

With Qualtrics CrossXM, organizations can understand how employee experience metrics, such as manager support, career development and recognition, have a direct impact on customer outcomes.

"Leaders instinctively know that engaged employees deliver great products and great customer service, positively impacting their brands' reputation as well as boosting customer engagement and spend," said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics' president of products and engineering, in a statement. "CrossXM gives organizations the ability to predict how employee experience investments will pay off in brand value and customer outcomes, a powerful innovation that will change the way companies prioritize investments in their most important asset—their employees."

In early 2023, organizations will also be able to connect their customer experience and brand experience programs, identifying specific customer experiences that will most impact brand equity.

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