• October 18, 2022

Pega Expands AI Capabilities in Infinity 8.8

Pegasystems today released version 8.8 of its Pega Infinity software suite to help companies deploy apps, create smarter workflows, and deliver better experiences for employees and customers. New features bring enterprise-wide AI that works behind the scenes.

Pega Infinity 8.8 includes enhancements to Pega Platform, Pega Customer Decision Hub, and Pega Customer Service. New Pega Platform features include the following:

  • Developer Assistant Panel, part of Pega's App Studio, which provides AI-driven recommendations to developers as they build apps and workflows.
  • Prediction Widget, which provides deeper insights and transparency into how AI-powered predictions are made, including case routing, probability, and reasoning behind missing service level agreements (SLAs), as well as behaviors like churn, fraud, and risk.
  • Insights and Dashboards, which offer unified, interactive, and collaborative visualization capabilities for table and chart-based insights into trends, areas of success, or those that need improvement, and share those insights.
  • Pega Robot Studio enhancements to create and deploy bots.
  • Pega Customer Data Connectors, which enable companies to connect Pega Customer Decision Hub's real-time AI capabilities with customer data platforms from vendors like Adobe, Celebrus, and ZineOne.
  • Fast-Release Changes, an enhancement to Pega Customer Decision Hub's change management module, 1:1 Operations Manager, helping users adapt strategies without disrupting workflows and manage and prioritize multiple work cycles in parallel.
  • Impact Analyzer, which monitors engagement policies, business levers, and AI models in real time to optimize and determine the success of next-best-action customer engagement strategies.
  • Voice and Messaging AI's new enhanced interaction timeline with transcription capabilities, which automate call wrap-up functions for agents. Additionally, new real-time supervisor alerts provide actionable insights on how to improve customer and agent experiences.
  • Enhanced embedded workflow automation, which enables companies to extend Pega's workflow automation to any self-service portal.
  • Advanced re-decisioning capabilities, powered by Pega Customer Service and Pega Customer Decision Hub, which provide agents with relevant, personalized offers in real time based on live conversations.

"AI is no longer a buzzword business leaders can ignore – it's an essential change agent in driving transformation," said Don Schuerman, chief technology officer of Pega, in a statement. "Enterprises need pragmatic AI-powered decisioning that enables more efficient work, hyper-personalized customer engagement, and better employee experiences. At Pega, we want AI to be more accessible, transparent, and functional to help all departments within an organization make faster, better decisions that get results for the greater good of the business and its customers. New Pega Infinity updates help users apply AI to how they build low-code apps and automate their workflows, opening new paths for innovative experiences that deliver real results."

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