• October 6, 2022

Gainsight Enhances its Customer Success, Product Experience, and Community Solutions

Gainsight today at its Evolve quarterly product launch event unveiled updates to its key product lines to help companies drive durable growth through customer success, product experience, and community-led business strategies.

The announcements at Evolve include new tools in Gainsight PX to help companies improve onboarding experiences, offer support, collect feature feedback, and drive greater product adoption. They include the following:

  • Engagement Editor 2.0, new templates, and new in-app content recommendations to create more delightful user experiences and drive adoption;
  • Enhanced multi-product dashboards, widgets, and funnels;
  • New ways to manage feature requests and align customer success and product teams on feature feedback and requests; and
  • Artificial intelligence-based Sentiment Analysis to understand user feedback data and drive better product roadmapping.

Also released were tools in Gainsight CS to help companies scale customer success operations and build communities around their products. They include the following:

  • New customer hub to centralize customer content and customer engagement;
  • Improved widget library and new banner budget to help build an online community destination;
  • Automated Journey Orchestrator Simple Programs to scale customer experiences;
  • Automatic pooled customer success management assignments;
  • Automated customer QBR decks with reports and key metrics; and
  • New Customer Goals feature that enables cross-functional teams to capture, track, and report on customer goals to drive collaboration and showcase value. It allows teams to handoff from sales to customer success, showcase delivered outcomes in renewal and expansion conversations, and provides leadership with better visibility into goals and progress.

Gainsight also released several tools that simplify access to insights and democratize data via self-service analytics. They include the following:

  • New/Revamped comprehensive funnel analysis to provide product managers insights into feature adoption;
  • Flexible Surveys to get a more granular view of user sentiment feedback; and
  • The ability for customer success managers and cross-functional leaders to build customized reports and dashboards.

"Customer success, product experience, and community are the building blocks of durable growth," said Karl Rumelhart, Gainsight's executive vice president and chief product officer, in a statement. "With these strategies as the foundation of their businesses, B2B SaaS companies can sustain growth regardless of market conditions."

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