• September 20, 2022

Matik Launches Matik Team

Matik, providers of a content automation platform, today launched Matik Team, which enables individuals and small teams to automate the creation of any presentation that needs to be personalized regularly or updated frequently.

With Matik Team, users provide Matik with a few inputs, like the target audience or a specific date range, and Matik will generate a presentation natively in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint that is ready for use.

With Matik Team, users can do the following:

  • Connect to most data warehouses and apps, and through REST APIs, without ingesting data;
  • Create presentation templates using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • Use simple field lookups or complex SQL queries to define metrics that can then be added to presentations as text, tables, charts, or images;
  • Use if-then logic to automate whether a slide is kept or removed; and
  • Edit presentations, even the tables and charts within them, using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint.

"Data is a critical part of how we build trust with prospects and customers and is a main factor in how we make informed decisions with other team members," said Nikola Mijic, Matik's co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "Gathering this data and forming an easily understood narrative previously required significant manual effort, which meant that this kind of content was used sparingly or ate up a lot of a company's resources. Matik automates the data-driven content creation process so that the focus is back on the actual content instead of the data pulling, and powerful insights can be brought to more people."

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