• September 15, 2022

New LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tools Identify Buyer Intent

LinkedIn today introduced several features in Sales Navigator as the company continues to build out its buyer intent offerings.

The new features help sales teams understand when prospective buyers are interested in their products or services. They include the following:

  • Account Dashboard, helping sellers understand which saved accounts are showing intent and their interest level, based on new advanced signals and context?. Sales teams will also be able to monitor interest levels over time so they can determine the best time for outreach and the message that is most likely to resonate.
  • New highlights on the homepage to help users iidentify top accounts showing intent with new highlights.
  • Buyer Interest filter on Search to help users identify priority accounts and new opportunities for outreach based on level of interest.

"Top sellers excel because they invest a significant amount of their time upfront in a sales cycle, not only understanding the who and what behind buying decisions, but more importantly the when and why, and the most effective way to do this is by using critical buyer intent signals," said Lindsey Edwards, vice president of product management at LinkedIn, in a blog post earlier today. "We're doubling down on helping sellers uncover and understand buyer intent by providing insights that can change the game for sales teams and create a culture of top performers

"For those of us in B2B, we know that timing plays a huge role in identifying and reaching audiences, and buyer intent is important to spot in-market buyers. Our research shows that only 20 percent of buyers are in-market for services in a given year, and just 5 percent in a given quarter. So, it's really important to ensure you are utilizing buyer intent to target the right audiences at the right time with the right types of messages to help influence their buying decisions," she added.

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