• September 15, 2022

G2 and ZoomInfo Integrate Intent Data

G2, a software marketplace, today announced an integration with ZoomInfo's  go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, to enable customers to target, engage, and convert in-market software buyers. The integration helps sales and marketing teams align their activities against a targeted set of in-market decision-makers.

"In 2022, the B2B industry is taking a magnifying glass to software spend," said Godard Abel, CEO and co-founder of G2, in a statement. "For sales and marketing teams vying for those budgets, getting in front of their ideal customers at the right time is as crucial as remaining omnipresent and extending market influence. It's no longer on the marketing or sales teams alone to make an impact on a purchasing decision. With an aligned strategy, teams can work together to be a consistent source of value for target audiences, capturing attention through personalized outreach to all members of a prospective buying committee."

With G2 Buyer Intent, customers gain account-level insight into buyer behavior on the G2 marketplace. They can see exactly which accounts are conducting software research and when and which kind of research they're performing, whether it's about their companies, their competitors, or alternative solutions.

By integrating with the intelligence in ZoomInfo's SalesOS solution, G2 customers can access more than 300 attributes to build their ideal customer profiles (ICP) and overlay actionable insights, such as planned technology investments, personnel moves, and website visitor behavior, to identify companies that are in-market now. Sales representatives can then use ZoomInfo's contact information to prospect decision-makers at high-intent accounts before beginning outreach.

ZoomInfo MarketingOS users can dynamically populate audience segments with G2 Buyer Intent data and trigger targeted display and social ads. Campaigns will see higher conversion rates and return on ad spend (ROAS) by targeting accounts with high buyer propensity.  

By integrating G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo, sales teams can do the following:

  • Prioritize accounts actively researching solutions and vendors. Buyer Intent data from G2 tells which prospective accounts are researching products, competitors, and category. 
  • Find professional buyers and influencers with a high likelihood to engage. By matching accounts actively researching relevant pages on G2 with contact data from ZoomInfo and using additional filters like job title and geography, sales teams can direct outreach to the right targets.
  • Tailor messaging to behavior. With insight on what a target audience is researching , sales teams can build relevant messaging, such as product-specific outreach for accounts visiting their G2 profiles. They can also add audiences by sharing educational content with first-time visitors to their category and industry topics.
  • Reduce churn risk by monitoring customer intent 24x7. Sales teams receive signals when G2 detects that a paying customer is researching a competitor or alternative product. 

By integrating G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo, marketing teams can do the following:  

  • Build account-based marketing campaigns. ZoomInfo’s MarketingOS can serve targeted display and social campaigns at new companies that show buying intent on specific product, industry, and category pages on G2.
  • Optimize spend. G2 insights trigger MarketingOS campaigns exactly when buyers are in-market. With additional ZoomInfo ICP and technographic filters, customers can capture their most valuable and convertible pipelines.
  • Personalize ad content for buying behavior. Customers can serve personalized, pre-built ads based on where and how accounts are showing interest on G2.com.

"Economic uncertainty is forcing companies to discover innovative, efficient solutions to drive revenue," said Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo's founder and CEO, in a statement. "By integrating G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo's platform, sales and marketing teams can target their outreach to drive higher-value conversations and exceed their revenue goals."

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