Neustar Gives Marketing a New Identity: The 2022 CRM Conversation Starters

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Neustar has fast become an industry leader in identity resolution, providing the data and technology that enable trusted connections between companies and consumers at the moments that matter most. Its work has positioned it as a top line of defense against the growing number of phone scammers, developing technology to combat illegal robocalls and phone number spoofing and alert consumers to potential spam risks before they pick up the phone.

In many respects, Neustar has become the leading authority on the U.S. Federal Communication Commission’s mandated STIR/SHAKEN call authentication framework for validating caller IDs.

Neustar has been branching out beyond its communications, risk mitigation, and identity foundations and is now making huge inroads into the marketing space, responsibly connecting data on people, devices, and locations to marketing activity.

A highlight of its marketing activity in just the past year was its October release of Neustar Optimizer, a closed-loop marketing optimization and consumer insights platform that measures consumer activity to help marketers adjust marketing mix, media budget allocation, campaign and creative tactics, and audience segments. Optimizer combines Neustar’s consumer identity and unified marketing measurement capabilities into a single platform. Marketers can use it to test and predict return on investment across hundreds of scenarios; conduct reach and frequency analytics; pinpoint the exact number of advertising exposures it takes to convert a buyer; implement journey analytics to identify how consumer touchpoints are impacting the path to purchase; and optimize audience targeting by identifying incremental consumer segments more likely to respond to advertising.

Several companies quickly partnered with Neustar to take advantage of Optimizer, including Catalina, which is combining it with its own real-time shopper intelligence to deliver marketing insights for consumer packaged goods companies, and BERA, which is using Optimizer to tie marketing to brand health metrics.

Other Neustar partnerships inked this year involved Adverity, enabling a faster time to marketing analytics insights by simplifying data ingestion and management; Captivate, transforming digital out-of-home advertising with advanced audience segmentation and targeting; Permutive, unlocking targeting across publisher inventory without third-party cookies and device IDs; and Dynata, which brought its first-party consumer panel data of 62 million consumers and billions of verified data points to the Neustar Second-Party Data Marketplace.

Just this past June, Neustar also launched its Marketing and Analytics Clean Room, providing a secure environment for data collaboration, audience targeting, and marketing analytics.

Neustar has also paired closely with Snowflake, bringing its Unified Identity to the Snowflake Data Marketplace in an integration that optimizes, cleans, and enriches customer databases in real time.

“Neustar’s decades of experience in identity resolution and advanced machine learning ensures joint customers’ most pressing identity management and data governance needs are being addressed in our clean room,” said Bill Stratton, global head of the media, entertainment, and advertising vertical at Snowflake, in a statement.

And through an integration with Google Analytics Hub, even more companies will be able to leverage Neustar’s identity resolution and consumer data assets.

Neustar’s roots go back to 1998 when it was founded in Delaware as a business unit within Lockheed Martin. Now headquartered in Reston, Va., the company was bought by TransUnion in late 2021 for $3.1 billion.

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