• July 20, 2022

TechSee Launches Visual Intelligence Platform

TechSee, a provider of computer vision solutions for customer service, today launched its Visual Intelligence (VI) Platform to help companies customize their computer vision automation applications.

Computer vision AI identifies specific models, parts and statuses; diagnoses issues; and provides automated guidance . TechSee's Visual Intelligence Platform leverages human experience and understanding, delivering actionable directions to end-users, technicians, and agents. Organizations can train their own customized computer vision models through the VI Studio and deploy practical automation using these models across TechSee's suite of visual service products. Furthermore, businesses can now build their own applications powered by VI's customized computer vision insights using real-time APIs.

VI Studio is a no-code computer vision model builder that allows teams to train computer vision models using photos and videos taken from smartphones. SaaS-based insights are embedded into TechSee's service platform and accessible in third-party applications with only an API integration.

"The launch of the Visual Intelligence Platform is a game-changer that will ultimately democratize the use of computer vision AI among customer-centric organizations," said Eitan Cohen, CEO of TechSee, in a statement. "No data scientists, AI specialists, or special hardware is required for customer service teams to embrace the latest technologies that will radically improve their interaction with customers and field service technicians to improve efficiency and reliability."

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