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Since 2011, CINC has been empowering real estate agents, brokers, and lenders to run their businesses from one platform, all while keeping the focus on the people on both sides of the real estate transaction. By leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, CINC gives real estate professionals access to better leads, easier follow-up, and automated tools that scale to meet their needs.

But the technology it was using in its own operations was another story. The Atlanta-based company had been using FullStory’s support solution for some time, but troubleshooting issues with its mobile app had traditionally occurred via phone or email exchanges, according to Josh Lowe, the company’s project manager.

“We didn’t really have any way to see what our mobile users were doing, what issues they were running into,” he recalls. “It’s really hard to troubleshoot with somebody on the phone if you’re not right there with them.”

And then once an issue with one of CINC’s products was identified, it meant gathering account managers, developers, and others to come up with an appropriate fix, a process that could take days, according to Lowe.

To fully support its customers, CINC revamped its agreement with FullStory, going live with FullStory for Mobile Apps late last year.

From initial troubleshooting, CINC’s use of the product evolved into a way to analyze how customers were using its products, according to Lowe. “We’re measuring different funnels of activities and other metrics as we go along.”

CINC reduced support time by 70 percent; some resolutions that had been taking as long as a week were now being completed in a day or less. As a result, there was a 20 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

Implementation of the mobile solution was fairly simple, according to Lowe. “Since we had implemented [FullStory] in other areas of our business before, we just needed to tell FullStory what our needs were and let them put that together. FullStory is very good about putting everything under one roof.”

FullStory’s custom events feature enables CINC to track more mobile metrics quickly, according to Lowe. Since the app is linked to CINC’s database, all of the information is combined. But the FullStory application enables CINC to extract mobile data and gain insight into how it could improve its mobile apps.

“We can understand precisely what is going on for very different mobile users across multiple apps and monitoring systems,” Lowe says.

FullStory also helped CINC optimize the search filter of its mobile app, increasing usage of that feature by 70 percent.

Outside of the mobile app, FullStory funnels help CINC see where customers are falling through on its cash-offer product, designed to help real estate pros identify potential home buyers likely to make cash offers. Once CINC started using FullStory funnels, conversions for the product increased by about 25 percent.

Recently, CINC has linked its A/B testing tool to FullStory as well. “This will help us zero in on what is happening in key situations. We’re giving our customers multiple experiences so that they can see which one(s) work better for them. We can see which experiences are working better for them, not just from analytics, but also from actual [end] customer behavior.” 

The Payoff

Since implementing FullStory for Mobile Apps, CINC has seen the following results:

  • support time has been reduced by 70 percent or more;
  • seven-day turnaround cycles have been reduced to one-day cycles; and
  • customer satisfaction has increased by 20 percent.

Additionally, using FullStory funnels (not part of the mobile app product), CINC has seen a 25 percent improvement in the conversion rate for its cash-offer product.

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