• June 22, 2022

Cloudentity Launches Identity Pools

Cloudentity, a provider of B2B customer identity and authorization solutions, has launched Identity Pools, a lightweight identity platform featuring user registration, consent management, delegated administration, and multifactor authentication capabilities.

"Cloudentity is the first B2B CIAM platform built from the ground up for the cloud while also protecting end-user privacy. Today hundreds of organizations and tens of millions of users are protected by our platform," said Brook Lovatt, chief product officer of Cloudentity, in a statement. "Any company can now modernize its approach to customer identity using Identity Pools, while at the same time drastically reducing operational and licensing costs. Additionally, implementing Identity Pools allows customers to shift their focus from strong authentication at the start of the user session to refining customer experience with privacy-centric fine-grained authorization."

Identity Pools feature customizable schemas and a rich API-first design. They provide no-code brandable user journeys for registration, password reset, and strong authentication built upon a REST API layer.

"One of Cloudentity's core product design principles is the decoupling of authentication from authorization, which gives our customers the flexibility to move freely between their own IdP, their partners' IdPs, and other sources of identity context data. This allows application developers to rely on the authorization of transactions in real time rather than relying on the level of trust associated with an authentication that may have happened hours or days earlier," Lovatt added. "Cloudentity moves the functionality that has historically been applied at the time of authentication from the beginning of a user session (such as MFA, risk analysis and consent collection) into the authorization layer. As a result, the role of an IdP in this landscape becomes a simple commodity, one that we're pleased to offer to our customers in an easy, integrated manner and at no additional cost."

Identity Pools is available as a no-cost extension to Cloudentity's Authorization Platform.

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