• June 21, 2022

Ringer Interactive Launches Full-Screen Branded Calling Platform

Ringer Interactive has launched Full-Screen Branded Calling to help companies reduce blocked calls and increase both answer and first-call resolution rates. The patented technology transforms customers' phone screens into personalized, actionable messages.

Ringer Interactive allows for full-screen, customizable images and personalized messages with no character limits. Full-Screen Branded Calling automatically displays the reason for the call while the phone is ringing and delivers a personalized call-to-action. Customers can identify the caller and answer the call to resolve issues, such as appointment confirmations, subscription renewals, and more.

"The personalized full-screen branded calling Ringer offers will immediately impact companies' ability to quickly connect with customers in a tone and style consistent with their brands," said Darren Prine, managing partner of Cloud Tech Gurus, in a statement. "We're pleased to add Ringer to our lineup as the newest portfolio technology solution and make it available to all our customers and agents immediately."

Ringer Interactive works with both iOS and Android smartphones. It can tie to customers' accounts to create personalized interactions and provides call performance analytics.

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