• May 11, 2022

RD&X Network Launches ReBid

RD&X Network has launched ReBid, a unified marketing and advertising AI automation platform.

ReBid uses proprietary artificial intelligence-based algorithms to simplify digital marketing. ReBid has unified workflows, data harmonization and real-time automated reporting.

"ReBid unifies, simplifies and scales every client's digital marketing and advertising efforts and also saves real dollars in the process while having significant impact on [return on ad spend] uptick. Our AI led cookieless approach and clear focus on 1st party data enrichment allows brands and marketers to build a single view of their customers as they future proof their digital marketing," said Rajiv Dingra, founder and CEO of RD&X Network, in a statement.

ReBid provides the following features:

  • Access to ads activation and reporting capabilities through integrations like search and display (Google Ads), social ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads), programmatic (Display Video 360 and many more), ad servers (Campaign Manager 360), analytics (Google Analytics) and more;
  • Fully automated and one-click reporting exportable in more than 20 premade reporting templates;
  • CXO view dashboards with key insights across channel, creative, device, and keyword performance;
  • Real-time monitoring of live campaigns;
  • Optimization of live campaigns across 15 platforms in a single click;
  • AI recommendations across bid, budgets, pacing, and more across media plans and campaigns;
  • Onboarding of first-party data and conversion to ID before activating it across top programmatic platforms;
  • The ability to access and analyze log level programmatic data and in-house programmatic;
  • The ability to build and enrich a single view of the customer journey across web and app users and automate entire marketing workflow.

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