• May 5, 2022

Outreach Launches Outreach Guide

Outreach, a sales execution platform provider, today at its Outreach Explore 22 event introduced Outreach Guide, a revenue intelligence solution to help sellers manage deals with built-in, real-time conversation intelligence, best-practice action plans, and deal health at a glance. The company also enhanced its flagship Outreach Engage product and showcased an integration with account-based marketing solutions from 6sense.

Outreach Guide joins Outreach Engage and Outreach Commit to form the foundation of Outreach's sales execution platform. It eatures the following core capabilities:

  • Deal Health Score, a machine-learned revenue intelligence capability that predicts deal health and guides reps to improve it.
  • Real-time assistance and conversation intelligence with Kaia, which delivers real-time transcription, content cards, and context-based rep enablement with built-in conversation intelligence. Post-meeting, Kaia automates meeting summaries and AI-captured action items and follow-ups to automate non-selling tasks for reps and assist managers with rep coaching.
  • Automated and collaborative purchasing through Success Plans that ensure the right stakeholders are engaged at the right time, build buyer trust and alignment on steps to close, and provide internal stakeholders with prospect engagement and deal progress.

"Every revenue organization can experience ineffective sales execution leading to lost deals, wasted time, and sales rep turnover that causes them to fall short of their revenue goals," said Manny Medina, CEO and co-founder of Outreach, in a statement. "Outreach calls this difference between a revenue organization's potential and their actual performance the sales execution gap. Our platform helps revenue organizations close the sales execution gap for everyone in the sales cycle, from the rep to the chief revenue officer.

"We are focused on creating a single system of execution that helps revenue organizations operate at their full potential, and that means solving three problems: ineffective prospecting, inconsistent deal management, and inaccurate forecasting. Now, we can solve all three of those in one platform with Outreach Engage, Outreach Guide, and Outreach Commit, respectively. Thanks to the machine learning models built into the Outreach sales execution platform, these three products work better together. The models learn from the actions taken in our platform and generate data-driven, predictive, real-time insights that recommend actions for users to take to improve their sales execution," Medina added.

Outreach and 6sense also debuted a rich integration that embeds 6sense's data and account-based marketing solution into Outreach's platform. Leveraging Outreach's platform extensibility capabilities, the integration lets reps know where their accounts are in the buying journey, including how and when they've engaged, and guides them to take the right actions to move the deal forward. This new capability aligns marketing and sales teams by taking 6sense's buyer engagement signals and embedding that actionable context into sales reps' workflows.

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