• February 15, 2022

LivePerson Adds AI Capabilities and Integrations to Conversational Cloud

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LivePerson, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence solutions, has added AI capabilities and integrations to its Conversational Cloud.

Powered by nearly 1 billion conversational interactions per month on its Conversational Cloud, LivePerson's AI interprets and simplifies complex customer inquiries for customer care, sales, and marketing teams.

The new capabilities announced today include advanced routing and self-learning technology, integrations with thousands of apps, and better ways to track and deliver conversational commerce.

LivePerson's new AI-powered dynamic routing and actions capabilities understand consumer intent and sentiment, using this insight to automatically route conversations to the best qualified bot or agent.

Dynamic routing can now be deployed with a no-to-low code interface. Dynamic routing can also be customized based on parameters like day of the week, sales campaigns, supply chain issues, and more.

LivePerson's dynamic actions capability monitors signals in real time and triggers routing without relying on human intervention.

LivePerson's Conversational AI can also now use real-time signals, like intents, conversation quality, and sentiment scores, to learn and improve, deploying self-healing strategies to understand users better, reset conversations to a known good state, and delegate to other bots and humans. LivePerson's meaningful automated conversation score (MACS) along with dynamic actions, allow companies to build dialogue handling that learns and improves based on conversation quality.

LivePerson also added automations that can handle interruptions, identifying the single most important customer intent and focusing the conversation on resolving it. Automations handling small talk, like greetings and pleasantries, and even profanities will begin rolling out next month.

LivePerson also added integrations that connect its Conversational Cloud to business and consumer apps and services.

LivePerson's new commerce capabilities help companies capture the massive opportunity of conversational commerce, attribute it correctly, and even automate commerce conversations

With the debut of LivePerson's sales attribution tech, marketing and sales leaders can now track and give credit for cross-channel sales to agents or bots who participated in conversations and shared links to products or services.

Companies can also use LivePerson's new commerce starter pack, a quickstart feature triggering automated responses to increase sales conversions. The starter pack uses natural language understanding to automatically analyze and respond to inquiries about product details, availability, returns, and shipping. Sales attribution through shared links and the commerce starter pack are now generally available.

"In today's digital world, people crave more personalized, humanized experiences. Brands have a massive opportunity to provide and scale these experiences with us because our conversational AI makes millions of conversations as personal as one," said Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson, in a statement. "The vision we've unveiled today will give people greater access to trusted conversations that fulfill their most important intentions around everything from daily tasks and shopping to long-term health and finance goals."

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