• February 14, 2022

Mavenir Introduces Intelligent IoT Platform

Mavenir, a network software provider, has launched the Intelligent IoT Platform (IIoTP), which applies artificial intelligence (AI) to data streams from IoT sensors.

Maveni's IIoTP ican be deployed independently or with the Mavenir's Intelligent Video Application (IVA) and other AI applications, on any cloud or on-premises hardware. It integrates with a variety of sensors, including 2G/3G/4G/5G that can be deployed on various networks, including cellular and Wi-Fi.

"With the continued explosion of 5G devices coming online, platforms like Mavenir's IIoTP are designed to converge hardware stacks and common software frameworks to provide CSPs with intelligent, optimized insights that can be offered to enterprise users for real-world IoT initiatives," said Aniruddho Basu, executive vice president for emerging business at Mavenir, in a statement.

"Mavenir's IIoTP is the latest addition to Mavenir's portfolio of AI Applications. IIoTP and IVA enable enterprises and CSPs to tap into AI-enabled solutions that empower businesses," said Srinivas Chitiveli, vice president of product management for Mavenir Edge AI Apps, in a statement. "Mavenir is a unique vendor capable of leveraging AI delivering IVA and IIoTP as part of a comprehensive 5G solution, resulting in optimized deployments and lowered costs toward realizing value."

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