• January 25, 2022

Alida Adds Capabilities in Winter 2022 Product Release

Alida, a provider of customer experience management software, today launched its Winter 2022 Product Release bringing new capabilities in customer, employee, product, and brand experience.

New features within the Alida TXM Platform include online reviews with Alida Social, dynamic targeting with Alida Touchpoint, artificial intelligence-driven text analytics and dashboards, organizational hierarchy reporting, and Integrated sample management.

"Today's release further solidifies Alida as a market-leading customer experience management (CXM) cloud and continues to push our aggressive growth momentum," said Riaz Raihan, president of products and engineering at Alida, in a statement. "With our platform’s advanced capabilities, clients have access to the most innovative and powerful ways to listen, analyze, and act on customer and employee feedback."

New capabilities within Alida's Winter 2022 product release allow users to do the following:

  • Holistically ingest indirect customer feedback by monitoring social reviews;
  • Have complete visibility on customer reviews from more than 100 online sites all on one platform using Alida Social;
  • Respond consistently to reviews on all locations;
  • Gain insights and compare performance using the location reviews dashboard,
  • Take automatic actions on location reviews by integrating with Alida Actions, distribute review insights cross-functionally, and view analytics and customer sentiments;
  • Increase participant engagement by personalizing and tailoring questions to reflect customers' choices;
  • Ensure consistency in respondent experience across all devices by presenting single choice and multiple choice matrix questions in the form of a carousel;
  • Aggregate data across multiple surveys;
  • Understand how customer satisfaction or Net Promoter Score differs between segments by analyzing survey responses to those questions across multiple surveys;
  • Map evolution of customer sentiment over time by merging responses with shared attributes across surveys;
  • Target Alida Touchpoint microsurvey activities to different audience segments based on specific attributes, such as gender, location, role, most recent brand interaction, last purchased product, etc.;
  • Collect insights from customer segments without burdening all audiences;
  • With org-hierarchy role-based access, control which data a user can view on a dashboard with data restrictions coupled with single sign-on;
  • Support hierarchies based on regions, locations, geographies, or organizational departments;
  • Obtain all permissions associated with the role’s position in the hierarchy;
  • Process open-ended and unstructured data through Alida's Text Analytics engine;
  • Evaluate large amounts of unstructured data to identify key phrases and perform taxonomy-based categorization of this data;
  • Embed customer insights into the organization's decision-making with a text analytics dashboard;
  • Customize the messaging in the cookie popup in Member Hubs to reflect brand and privacy guidelines;
  • Provide members complete visibility and control over how information about them is shared;
  • Customize which notifications are received and their frequency with enhancements to Mobile push notifications;
  • Sort and filter activities to make the mobile experience as seamless as the desktop experience;
  • Enjoy improved user experience for the Mobile NPS Dashboards;
  • Collect feedback from customers not currently represented in the customer base with Alida's sample management capabilities; and
  • Take advantage of integrated workflows between Alida Surveys and third-party sample providers.

Alida will be expanding its qualitative capabilities with an integrated Video IDI solution. With Video IDI, users can segment and schedule panelists, prepare for and conduct live video interviews (individual or group), run detailed analyses with transcript text analysis, and even share showreel clips.

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