• December 15, 2021

Vibes Launches Mobile Wallet as a Channel

Vibes, a provider of mobile marketing solutions, today launched Mobile Wallet as a Channel as part of its dynamic mobile wallet solution. Mobile Wallet as a Channel lets companies use Apple Wallet and Google Pay on consumers' mobile devices to deliver personalized and dynamic mobile experiences for marketing, loyalty, and servicing.

With this launch, Vibes enables marketing, loyalty, and operations teams to accelerate adoption of mobile passes.

"Mobile Wallet creates a two-way vehicle through which brands can forge a consistent, personal connection with consumers," said Vibes' co-founder and chief informatiion officer, Alex Campbell, in a statement. "Once a consumer downloads a mobile pass from a brand, marketers have a new and lasting way to personally connect with them, such as delivering customized offers and building an interactive loyalty relationship. Vibes is leaning heavily into this mobile channel because i offers the brands we work with a more experiential, visual, and convenient way to engage that their customers really value."

With this new offering, companies can do the following:

  • Update passes in real time, such as when the value of a gift card changes after a purchase;
  • Send alerts and push timely, relevant, personalized content to consumers;
  • Attribute marketing and loyalty programs, both online and in-person, to overall returns on investment; and
  • Take advantage of mobile devices' inherent functionality, such as geolocation, to allow for highly personalized, relevant and timely messages.

As part of this launch, Vibes also introduced a capability that allows companies to send automated messages via mobile wallets, such as payment notification reminders, to a phone's lock screen. In addition, Vibes is rolling out Dynamic Strip Images, allowing companies to automatically update mobile passes in cases such as a change in a consumer's loyalty membership level or to highlight specific products or offers.

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