• December 1, 2021

Cordial Releases Architect

Cordial, a cross-channel marketing platform provider, today released Architect, a major enhancement to its data platform. Architect allows marketers to create personalized marketing messages by automating data imports, improving data quality, using machine learning to automate messaging optimization, and  building predictive models for customer engagement.

"We built Architect because we wanted to give marketers an ability to connect with their customers using a level of personalization that was previously impossible, and Architect can do in seconds what no other cross-channel marketing platform can," said Jeremy Swift, co-founder and CEO of Cordial, in a statement. "In today's increasingly competitive landscape, one-size-fits all approaches no longer work for savvy marketers. By unifying and transforming data and letting marketers build custom models tailored to their unique business needs, our clients are seeing markedly improved results and are benefiting from the ability to connect with each customer in infinitely more meaningful and valuable ways."

Key features of Architect include the following:

  • Flexible data architecture. Using Cordial's native extract, transform, and load (ETL) technology, marketers can fully automate importation of their customer data into Cordial,steamline the data, deterministically link it to individual customer records, and make sense of it.
  • More actionable data in one platform. Architect lets marketers import, transform, and enrich unlimited customer history and 18 months of event data and build unique models on the Cordial platform for engaging customers based on their specific needs.
  • Predictive models that are customizable for each client. Architect's advanced predictive models cover everything from churn propensity to product affinity, lifetime value, and customer engagement scores, but marketers can also build custom models and marketing automation triggers.

"Architect makes the Cordial platform truly, completely customizable. If you dream it, you can build it," said Scott Eckman, general manager of e-commerce and vice president of marketing at Rockler Companies, in a statement. "There seems to be no limit on what contact-level data you can put in the platform and then leverage for triggers, personalization, or segmentation in emails or other messages."

"Architect is an exciting upgrade to Cordial's already impressive data platform capabilities that has already made a tremendous impact on our campaigns," said Hailey Pettit, senior marketing lifecycle manager at Nurx, in a statement. "Not only are we able to execute smarter campaigns faster, but we're also creating even better customer experiences in the process."

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