• December 1, 2021

Pegasystems Introduces Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys

Pegasystems today introduced Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys, an artificial intelligence-powered tool enhancing customer journeys with intelligent decisioning and propensity modeling.

With Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys, instead of forcing customers down pre-determined paths, marketers can sense customers' unique context and needs, adjust and change their outreach approach in real time, and proactively deliver personalized messages on their preferred channels.

Part of Pega Customer Decision Hub, Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys helps organizations to do the following:

  • Activate journey data: Instead of business rules and predefined experiences, each customer's current journey and stage can now automatically be integrated into next-best-action decisioning models.
  • Orchestrate journeys with real-time propensity scoring: Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys offers a single, propensity-driven solution that optimizes end-to-end customer experiences across use cases, channels, and lines of business. Based on real-time, data-driven scoring, businesses can understand exactly when they need to pivot between selling, serving, and retaining customers in real time as their needs change.
  • Analyze and optimize journey performance: Integrated journey visualization capabilities generate graphical representations of end-to-end customer experiences and update in real time as individuals interact with companies throughout their journeys. This helps marketers identify optimal journey paths across channels and stages, preemptively remove roadblocks, and drive continuous performance improvement.

"While the opportunity to attract customers' attention is more elusive than ever, most traditional marketing tools still can't meet customers exactly where they are on their journeys," said Rob Walker, vice president of decisioning and analytics at Pegasystems, in a statement. "Instead of creating static experiences based on deterministic logic, organizations need to optimize and humanize the customer experience. Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys provides businesses a propensity-driven solution that adapts to customers' context in real time, bringing true value and relevance to customers and driving results in a way that's never been done before."

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